Upcoming Events

Play , A Pie and A Pint 🍻 .

Our End of June Moffat Movie 🍿 

Moffat Theatre looks forward to welcoming you for a night of musical entertainment.

A story of bravery, determination and humanity to inspire us all...

If you need a laugh, then you know where to be ! 

Our Youth Prodcution at Moffat Theatre Spring Production May 16th /17th/18th. 

April Movie 🎥 

A May Musical Treat 

Spring Production: All Balls And Ashes 

Join us for an evening of fun and laughter as our performers showcase our Spring Production of All Balls And Ashes . 

Moffat Theatre Film: The Haunting of Venice 

Join us if you dare for this haunting film ....

Experience the Magic of Live Performances

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